With this site, we have attempted to perform a “redux,” a revival, of an author whose storylines are legendary, but whose 1697 characters (fairies included) have not been properly introduced to North American culture. Although Prof. J trusted that the class material would surprise students, the blog came about when students discovered Perrault’s virtual absence in cyberspace: not stories attributed to him, of course, which are everywhere, but any discussion of his style and his complexity even on sites devoted to his work. Students reasoned that there were all kinds of things the public should know about his writing and about the smart and sassy hero/ines that inhabit the world of the Mother Goose fairy tales. They suggested that Prof. J write a blog—and she suggested it right back to them. Our blog’s raison d’être is to revive small details, stylistic flourishes, cultural allusions, and strange words for modern readers of these purportedly straightforward, childhood tales.